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Never Walk Between Two Warriors and The Real Life Story Behind This Free Self-Defense Tip by private in home self-defense and bully-defense lessons instructor and dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.   covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text 224.1870 #FreeSelfDefenseTips #InHomeSelfDefenseLessonsHonolulu
I've Always Told My Public and Private Self-Defense Students...
Never walk between two warriors and since you don't know who may be a warrior (or mugger) just don't walk between two people.
Why Shouldn't I Walk Between Two Warriors Rick?
Because you may be attacked from two sides and believe me when I tell you, two muggers who may do this to you have done it before and have had a lot of practice!
Two Stories About Being Attacked from Two Sides...
A martial arts buddy of mine was walking down a sidewalk with his wife when he noticed two intense looking people walking on either side of the sidewalk so he and his wife would have to walk between them.
My martial arts friend didn't wait, the perceived threat was there, survival first, the law later according to my friend, he hit the first guy with a  hooking roundhouse like elbow strike right in the jaw and put him down. The other guy swung on my friend. My friend ducked and smashed the guy right in the face with his fist. My friend and his wife took off running. Later when they were clear my friend's wife began yelling at him for what he did. He let her vent and later she apologized and said she understood what he did.
My Second Story Has an Even Better Self-Defense Technique in It...
I was teaching self-defense publicly at a park in a small town in Illinois called Arthur. As part of my self-defense lessons we would role play different scenarios and critique them. One self-defense drill we did was called Walk The Street. My self-defense students formed two lines facing each other. One or more students would be picked by me to start at one end. The selected students would turn their backs while I selected picked one or more students to attack. I'd say walk and they'd turn and walk. Sometimes the role play was more precise.
One of the more precise self-defense scenarios involved two self-defense students acting as muggers in this very martial arts article topic.
One day one of my self-defense students walked up to me and thanked me.
"What for?", I said.
She explained to me she had recently been in Decatur Illinois walking down the sidewalk when she noticed two men walking on either side of the sidewalk so she would have to walk between them.
Without thinking about what she was doing she immediately crossed the street to the other sidewalk! She won the battle without having to fight!
Mr. Kirkham Do You Have a Downloadable EBook with ALL Your Self-Defense and Martial Arts Training Drills In It?
Why yes I do, thank you for your interest in my martial arts training and drills eBook and supporting my efforts. It's called Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Within and can be downloaded here!   
Protect your family and yourself even better
Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
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