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Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Within by in home martial arts self-defense instructor and bully defense expert Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu #MartialArtsDrillsEbooks  #SelfDefenseDrills

After about three decades of practicing martial arts and two decades of teaching martial arts with an emphasis on good realistic self-defense training, the shorter less in-depth version of this now referred to as combatives, I finally wrote down all the martial arts and self-defense drills I had developed, adapted for self-defense and outright changed completely. After writing these down and describing the martial arts drills in order from beginner to advanced I realized I had my entire self-defense system, customized due to the flexibility of the martial arts drills for each reader. Thus was born
Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Within

Table of Contents for Bringing The Martial Artist from Within a 94 page book of martial arts drills with an emphasis on good realistic self-defense

Continuous Blocking Drill
Air Shield Economy Drill
One Step Sparring A Versatile Martial Arts Drill
Overcoming Fear in a Self-Defense Situation
The Breaking Holds Drill
Offense Defense Drill and Variations
Basic Beginner Evasive Drill
You're Full of Beans
Step by Step Learning Internal Energy Strikes
10 Technique Air Shield Striking Martial Arts Drill
Air Shield Sparring Drill
Ducking Drill
Three Combo Drill
Slipping Drill
The 10 Minute Martial Arts Workout
Bag Workouts for Martial Artists
Build Your Martial Arts Sparring Partner for Under $5.00
A Plastic Bag for a Training Tool?
Choke and Strangulation Basics
Joint Lock Exchange Drill
Sensitivity Drills Seeing Without Sight
Multiple Attack Defense Basics
Multiple Attack Defense Blocking Drill
Multiple Attack Counter Attack Drill
Multiple Attack Drill Awareness Training
Free for All Slow Motion Sparring
How to Make a Safety Sword
Making a Shinai-Based Longsword Simulator
Tire Stick Drill
A Great Principle for Getting Your Students to Learn Faster
When I Speak to True Martial Artists and Self-Defense Practitioners

They tell me even if there's just one drill which will improve their skills it's worth the minor sum for this two decade in the making martial arts drills manual. In order to make absolutely certain you'll get THE MOST out of this manual, FOR A LIMITED TIME, I'm including one of my very popular videos
Basic Self-Defense and Over-Coming Fear Downloadable Video
Again this comes with your manual for a very limited time. Utilizing my expertise in behavior modification and behavioral management and sharing my years in the study of the fear response, This video demonstrates step-by-step how to over-come the fear factor in a self-defense situation and actually USE IT to your survival, advantage and possible decimation of your attacker if it becomes necessary for your own survival or in defense of family members!
Until my wife finds out what I'm charging for this entire martial arts drills manual and Basic Self-Defense and Overcoming Fear video I'm giving this away for only $19
Make Some Money While Saving Lives and Helping Others with Our Affiliate Program
Pays 50% of $19.00. If you need anything to help spread the word about this two decade martial arts drills manual email me at godsbusinessway @
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Thank you for the information. Here's a donation to help with this venue's expenses Mr. Kirkham
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