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My Martial Arts Epiphany From God by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I hadn't executed a martial arts punch or kick in months. My primary workout was a little stretching. I'd let life and my in home computer tutoring and virus removal business here in Honolulu Hawaii get in the way of my health. I know it's not uncommon for business owners to let their own health not be a priority, but as a martial artist I should have known better!

We've Been Moving

Sure enough the lack of proper exercise paid its toll and I hurt my back. I used to teach yoga so I added some of those stretches to my stretching routine and my chiropractor and in home and remote computer client Dr. Andy Shanti gave me some exercises to do.

My Back Was Still Injured for a Month

Maybe a little less but, it sure seemed like a month. I was asked over 18 months ago to do some long-term substitute teaching. I'm a dual certified teacher from Illinois which makes me unique when I taught self-defense and presently give in home computer, tablet and smart cell phone lessons for senior citizens and businesses. I, thanks to the path God put me on before I had even admitted He existed, not only possess computer and martial arts skills, I have the training to transfer those skills in a positive manner to computer clients and martial arts students. This also placed me in demand to substitute teach. Even more in demand when administration discovered the word of a gray headed, Christian, businessman and martial artist was as golden as you could get.

My Martial Arts Epiphany

At the school I've been long-term substitute teaching at, my students were gone. I'd been playing Shelter Me Lord an upbeat blues Christian song. I started looking at the space between a table and chairs. That would make a great place for a solo martial arts workout. Then, and I don't know why (actually I do), I looked at a corner behind my desk and sitting there for 18 months was a long stick about the size of a hanbo (half staff). With Shelter Me playing I utilized the hanbo and space for just a few minutes. IT FELT GREAT!

More importantly my back never felt better! It was as though I'd never hurt my back. Then I began thinking about what martial arts does for your back.

Three Activities I Can Think Of

That increase back muscle, flexibility, strength and muscular endurance. Those activities that come to mind are ballet, gymnastics and martial arts!

I Told My Chiropractor and Family What I Was Going to Do

If I only had enough time to do one thing during the day it was going to be martial arts training either with my son or on my own solo martial arts training.

Using My Skills from Physical Education and My ADHD

I wrote an eBook called Solo Martial Arts Drills - For Martial Artists Who Train Alone so I'm not unfamiliar with a variety of one man/woman martial arts drills. I even have enough solo martial arts drills to keep my ADHD brain interested and focused.  My solo martial arts training drills don't require any special equipment. Sometimes I use weights for punching drills I've developed and some drills require a great piece of equipment that hits back, but all you need to make the martial arts training device are simple things like duct tape and tennis balls.

Solo Martial Arts Drills - For Martial Artists Who Train Alone
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